Sep 11

Is It Easier to Play the Ukulele than it is to Play the Guitar?

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guitar vs ukuleleIt’s often said that the ukulele is a very easy instrument to learn. And there’s some truth in that. You only have four strings to memorize finger positions for, the strings are more forgiving on the fingers and the stretches are less challenging.

Having said that, all musical instruments are challenging to learn. If you think the ukulele is easy to play, watch some ukulele YouTube videos and it’s pretty clear many people find it difficult. It’s certainly no easier to play the ukulele to a high standard than it is to play the guitar to a high standard.

According to Jim Beloff, “If you were a poor guitar player, you suddenly become a pretty good uke player.” I’d disagree with that entirely. It might be that the ukulele suits you better than the guitar, but there are no guarantees.

Like most instruments, the ukulele is easy to play badly and hard to play well.

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2 Responses to “Is It Easier to Play the Ukulele than it is to Play the Guitar?”

  1. Jeff says:

    Al: Just checking in. I think the ukulele is less intimidating due to it’s physical stature. I now have a few sopranos, a tenor low-G and a baritone with a low-D. I have been asked to be part of a ukulele ensemble and play the baritone. It feels like half-way between the G and U and I do enjoy the deeper sound for some songs. J

  2. UkuOnline says:

    I have a really cheap baritone. It’s fun to play something a little different now and then.

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