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Ukulele Chord Chart (With Fingering Suggestions)

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There are no shortage of ukulele chord charts around, but there aren’t that many that also show you what fingers you should be using when you are fretting these chords. But this one from Kiwi Ukulele does:

Indispensible Chord Chart(PDF)

It’s a very well laid out chord chart and even though it isn’t exhaustive, it does have pretty much every first position chord you’ll want. And the layout of it, going from chords you’ll use all the time to chords you hardly ever see, is a much better way of doing it than the standard way of grouping all the A based chords, then the B chords etc.

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  1. Stephen Kirby says:

    Just picked up a fantastic Pono Uke last night from Hawaii Music Supply. My kids and I play guitar and are trying to learn uke chords!


  2. Ken says:

    I learned to play uke in high school by learning the chords from the Beatles song book…not a popular treatment of Beatle’s music in the sixties. I then bought a Harmony tenor guitar which I’ve played around with now and then and recently dropped and broke the neck. Rather than repair it, ( I’ll hang on to it anyway ) and for not a whole lot more than the cost of the repair, I’ve decided to go more or less back to my ukulele roots and purchased a Paracho Elite twelve-string tiple. I fell in love with a Martin (ten string) tiple back in the early seventies but didn’t want to spend $125 for a new tiple. Now, forty-plus years later, it would be worth around $2000. Live and learn. It’s about the music not the money…sigh.

  3. Jim Fryman says:

    I accidently teach uke to senior citizens at our Joslyn Center in Burbank, CA (I used the word accidently because it is a long story) We are in a 2nd yr and progressing slowly. I really enjoy teaching. I have 2 ukes that are both over 50 yrs old. They are a soprano and baritone. The soprano has no ID mark but it has a great tone. The bridge came off shortly after I got it. I didn’t know much about wood working at the time but I glued the bridge back on and pur it 3 phillips head screws. The Baritone is a “Favilla” that was made in New York and the store where I purchessed is ong gone but the ownder told me that he only made 100 per year by hand. I paid $60 for it and I’ve been told it is worth $400+ It has a beautiful tone, also. Jim

  4. susan wood says:

    jim–i really want to learn to play the uke. i live near joslyn center but suspect that your classes there are during the day and i don’t retire until next year. can you please email me your schedule for ukulele class and suggestions for private lessons if the classes are during the day. thank you, susan wood (818) 567-4986.

  5. Katie says:

    Just got a Uke for Christmas! It rawks, Just needing a little help with the differnt chords and their hand positions!
    Hope every Uke buyer has a great time playing it,
    I do love the Ukulele! <3
    Happy new year everyone,
    Happy Uku-ing ;]

  6. zack says:

    you know, if there is anyone who does not have a ukulele (or who is ordering one) you can get a capo and put it on the 5th fret, but only use the bottom 4 strings. The only bad thing is the D string (or rather g when you put the capo on) is one octave lower then on a ukulele. but it works!

  7. Evelyn Nordahl says:

    I tried to download the cord chart but it doesn’t work. My husband needs it. Can anyone help.

  8. k d rabbers says:

    hi, does anyone know a uke group in kalamazoo, mi????

  9. Maddie says:

    I really want to learn how to play butt there are no good websites including this one. They really suck! Maddie

  10. Dee Ann says:

    I am 71 years old and just purchased my first ukulele in Hawaii after wanting to on several previous trips. I have been teaching myself to play with the help of “Ukulele Mike” on the computer and really needed the correct fingering for a couple of the chords. YOU provided that for me and I thank you very much. I’m having a ball!

  11. Michelle says:

    This is very very helpful, thank you!

  12. Roz says:

    I’m a beginner so I need as much help as I can get. Thanks for the kickstart with the chord chart. :)

  13. jeff warner says:

    any uke clubs near seymour wi?

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