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Baritone ukulele tabs and chords: Where can I find them?

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The baritone ukulele is becoming increasingly popular thanks to acts like Patrick Wolf and Rio en Medio. It’s even being used to help you learn Einsteinian physics.

There are plenty of sites on the net offering ukulele tab, but very few of them offer tabs and chords for the baritone ukulele. One excellent site that does is Tab-U-Learn. Usefully, all it’s tabs are arranged by difficultly into grades.

As well as baritone ukulele tab and chords, there is also a selection of sheet music for tenor and soprano/concert ukulele.

As the baritone ukulele is tuned the same as the top four strings of the guitar, it’s usually easier to transfer tab for the guitar onto the baritone. Similarly with the chords. For the most part, you can just play the same chord shapes and ignore the lower two strings.

There are also a few baritone ukulele books on the market. For chord charts there’s Mel Bay’s Baritone Uke Chords. For chords for songs there’s Jimpin’ Jim’s The Bari Best. And for tabs there’s Mel Bay’s Easy Baritone Ukulele Tablature Method

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  1. Ukucafe says:

    Hello! I’ve posted some baritone ukulele tabs on my webbolg!

  2. Nadine says:

    thx!tab seems good

  3. Humble Uker says:

    Hello — First, thank you for letting me know about Rio en MedioThere’s a whole lot more available for Baritone Ukulele players now. I have two blogs specifically for the interested baritone ukulele player: Humble Baritonics and The Baried DoGBonE. Here’s a recent post that I made 12/11/2011,

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